Paediatric ICU- Sister/Charge Nurse Vacancy in London

The Hospital is one of the most prestigious and respected private hospitals in London, specialising in complex, cancer, cardiac and neuroscience, care for both adults and children.

The 9 bed general ICU is split over two floors. The department deals with general surgery, cardiac surgery, neurology surgery, oncology patients and other emergency patients that require critical care.
Duties and Responsabilities:

  • Team leadership and staff motivation
  • Able to demonstrate good presentation skills
  • Able to communicate complex and sensitive information, gain cooperation where required and overcome barriers to understanding
  • Able to organise own time and make straightforward plans for task, some of which might be ongoing
  • Possess dexterity and coordination needed for the manipulation of IV injections, syringe drivers, volumetric pumps, infusions endotracheal suctioning, insertion of catheters and other similar procedures
  • Able to participate in moderate physical effort (moving patients/ equipment with the assistance of manual handling aids) frequently during a shift
  • Able to concentrate on work for frequent periods despite interruptions and demands from others
  • Able to deal with distressed relatives, care for the terminally ill and deal with emotional consequences of critical/ terminal illness for patients/ relatives
  • Diplomatic
  • Computer literate
  • Able to communicate tactfully and clearly with all members of the MDT
  • Ability to deal with difficult behaviour/ team dynamics
  • Able to resolve conflict

Skills & Experience:

  • RSCN- Sick Children’s Nurse with NMC pin
  • Paediatric Intensive Care qualification
  • Teaching and mentorship qualification
  • PILS
  • EPLS
  • Shift lead experience within a Cardiac PICU
  • Demonstrate commitment to seamless and consistent high quality care and services
  • Demonstrate commitment to personal and professional training and development
  • Track record of building and maintaining effective working relationships with all disciplines
  • Interest in research and audit
  • PICU experience


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