Public and private Danish healthcare facilities are looking for:

  • Breast Radiology
  • Child Psychiatry                                             
  • Clinical Biochemistry                                                          
  • Emergency Medicine                                     
  • GP / Family Medicine                                                              
  • Neurology                                                        
  • Oncology                                                          
  • Pathology                                                         
  • Psychiatry                                                        
  • Radiology                                                        
  • Radiation Oncology                                       
  • Rheumatology for private praxis
  • Urology                
  • Internal Medicine**          
**Since Internal Medicine itself is not recognized as an independent specialty in Denmark anymore, we are looking for doctors whom have specialization in one of the recognized branches of it – such as Cardiology, Pulmonology, Endocrinology, Geriatrics, Haematology, infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Rheumatology, Neurology, Radiation Oncology, Gastroenterology. The doctors should have one of these specializations, but they should be willing to work with an internal medicine profile. A doctor whom has specialization only in Internal Medicine will not be accepted in Denmark.


  • Permanent contract regulated by the Danish collective agreement
  • Minimum yearly salary: 94.000 Euro (including pension benefits)
  • Willing to remain at least 5 years in Denmark
  • 37 hour working week
  • 6 weeks paid holiday
  • A free, intensive language course and Danish Medical Language Programme with settlement assistance and free accommodation in Budapest prior to work start
  • A short trip to Denmark prior to the language course, where you will have the opportunity to visit your future work place and living area
  • Cultural teaching prior to departure
  • Language course for your spouse and elderly children
  • Partner Integration Program with a personal consultant
  • Accommodation assistance in Denmark
  • Assistance in administrative processes when moving to Denmark
  • Assistance for your spouse in search of employment and integration in Denmark
  • Guidance regarding schooling and child care
  • Access to our candidate network in Denmark
  • Information on Danish tax matters
  • Hotline service for urgent questions
  • Extra Danish classes after arrival to Denmark
  • Coaching, regular evaluation and assistance in integration process

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