Nurses in Holand?

Labor conditions:

  • Gross salary Assistant Nurse: € 1.860 up to € 2.560; (No exam)
  • Gross salary Registered Nurse € 1.982,03 up to € 2.760,17 (After a Dutch Exam to reach the B1 level  and the enroll in the BIG Register)
  • Tax salary: Approximately 25%
  • Irregular hours: Will be paid as an extra earning. Evening hours 122%. Night hours and Saturday 144%, Sundays 160%.
  • Working week: Between 32-36 hours.
  • Contract period: 12 months in the start.
  • Holidays: 24 holidays days a year. These days are paid.
  • Holiday money: You save of the total amount of your salary a percentage of 8% as extra money over the year.
  • Pension: After 26 weeks you start with building a pension;
  • Rent: Our client help you to find a place to live. The cost of living are approximately € 400 a month (depends of the region you stay).
  • Nurse registration: Our clients offer you help with the registration in Holland free of charge.
  • Refund of EURES: Our clients help you free of charge to collect the money from EURES for language and relocation support.
  • Start date: After achieving level B1 you come within two weeks to Holland to start the job.

You don’t speak Dutch? You can join free Dutch language B1 course in Javea (Alicante) Spain:

  • presential class. Housing and eating during the training period are for free;
  • at the start of the course you have to pay € 200 at the school, this amount you will get back after finishing the course;
  • costs of the books are € 190, this amount you will get back after finishing the course.

Eures Benefits for:

  • Language course (including books cost)
  • Relocation expenses
  • Expenses for interviews

Please send your cv to

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